Two returnees to Bonaire tested positive for COVID-19

Kralendijk – Two returnees who have returned to Bonaire from Peru and are in quarantine have tested positive for COVID-19. These returnees are in a central quarantine. In accordance with the Repatriation and the in-travel policy, all returnees from at-risk countries are quarantined at a central location. The returnees are monitored for their health during the stay. Last Sunday, two returnees who showed signs and symptoms of COVID-19 were tested. On Monday evening the result of the test and came in. These repatriates have tested positive for  COVID-19.

The team of the Public Health Service, which is trained to act in positive cases of COVID-19, immediately started the source and contact investigation. The source and contact investigation means that  research is being carried out into where the person may have contracted the infection, who the person has been in contact with and who has been able  to infect the person.

The Public Health Service is responsible for the guidance at this central location (or in case of positive cases of COVID-19). Both returnees are of age and both are doing well under the circumstances. Their health is closely monitored while the source and contact investigation is ongoing. The other returnees have been informed and are closely monitored for their health.

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