Unforgettable day for special need kids at Bonaire Airport

KRALENDIJK- Thanks to the Hoogvlieger Foundation, originally from The Netherlands, a group of special needs kids had an unforgettable day at the airport on Sunday.

At 10 AM the youngsters were received at the Bonaire fire station. After a tour of the facilities, the children had a chance to take place in a crash tender and got a chance to train with extinguishing a fire.

After the visit to the fire brigade, the children and their supervisors had a break at the airport restaurant with refreshments and a pastechi, followed by a tour of the airport building.

The children got a chance to weigh themselves at the check-in desk, scan a bag at the security area  and check their own passport at the Immigration desk.


After the tour, it was time to take to the skies. Pilot Nigel of the Hoogvliegers Foundation one by one took Zhaeva, Yadin and Dinan for a short flight above the island, before landing back at the airport.  

While waiting for the plane to land after each flight, the children were also allowed to accompany an employee of the airport while executing a runway inspection.

The foundation sends a special thanks to the Dutch Caribbean Fire Brigade (BKCN), employees of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) and the donors of Stichting Hoogvliegers for this fantastic day.

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