Unions Bonaire Need New Blood

According to Usibo Secretary, Norwin Willem, it is imperative that younger workers also join the unions on the islands. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- The secretary of Union Umbrella Union Sindikal Boneriano (Usibo), Norwin (Nòchi) Willem says it is imperative that young workers start to get involved with the unions.

“If I look around, I see mostly grey hairs. I tried to hide mine, but my grey whiskers give me away all the same”, said Willem jokingly. But he was serious about the need of youngsters to also get involved with union work.

“If we want to be strong and continue with the efforts to achieve positive results for workers in Bonaire, we need younger people to also join the unions and get involved,” according Willem.

Willem was not the only one mentioning the need for new people to get involved. Usibo’s new president, Mavis Abrahams, also said that formation of new Union leaders was high on her agenda of priorities.

Abrahams also mentioned that she would try to get a Legal Window open on the island where employees could get (free) legal advice.

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