Unkobon reaches agreements with Executive Council to combat exorbitant price increases

KRALENDIJK – The social minimum work group of the consumer organization Unkobon has held discussions with commissioners Nina den Heijer and Clark Abraham. As part of the discussions, it was agreed, among other things, that Unkobon will provide information about expected price increases per industry, and a reporting point will be established for price increases that seem exorbitant.

Unkobon states that the minimum wages on Bonaire will increase from $1,240 to $1,570 per month as of January 1, representing an increase of 26.6%. “While this is good news for the lowest earners, it may lead to higher costs for employers with many low-paid workers, potentially resulting in price increases,” Unkobon expresses its concerns.

Consumers will be encouraged to report suspicious price increases, allowing any misconduct to be addressed promptly. Measures, including actions under the Prices BES Act, can be taken to address these issues.

Employer helpdesk

A third agreement with the commissioner involves the establishment of a Helpdesk for employers where they can inquire about the precise implementation and consequences of the minimum wage increase.

Unkobon expresses satisfaction with the agreements made and emphasizes the importance of making concrete arrangements before Christmas to minimize price increases as much as possible.

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