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Unrest among security sector employees on Bonaire; labor conditions remain poor

AFBW chairman Cherrel Kwidama explains on DCTV what the current issues are within the sector

KRALENDIJK- There is unrest within the security sector on Bonaire. This is evident from reports from the General Federation of Bonairean Workers (AFBW).

Last week, the union organized an open day specifically for security employees to sign up with the trade union. The union is also advocating for a group of employees who were informed by a security company on the island last week that they will no longer have worked with that employer as of April 1st.

AFBW chairman Cherrel Kwidama regrets the company’s actions and is in talks with RCN-unit SZW to determine how the situation will be handled.


According to AFBW advisor Norwin Willem, what is happening at the specific company is just the tip of the iceberg. The union representative says that employees of security companies have been hesitant to join a union so far. “However, employees who join the union receive support, so they don’t have to face an employer who doesn’t comply with the rules alone.”

According to Willem, there are many distressing cases observed, especially in the security sector, where the provisions of labour law are violated. Willem also notes similar issues within the hospitality industry (HORECA), where many matters are still not properly regulated.

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