UPB continues to push establishment of Bonaire Development Bank

KRALENDIJK- The Union Patriótiko Boneriano (UPB) continues to emphasize the importance for Bonaire to have their ‘own’ development bank. The party recently participated in a congress of KORPODEKO in Curaçao in collaboration with ALIDE (Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions).

Together with the United Nations and UNDP (United Nation Development Program), among others, support is given to developing countries that want to set up their own financial institutions to promote economic growth.

Push harder

Although the green party indicates that it has previously presented two motions calling for the establishment of its own development bank, it now says that it wants to increase its efforts in this area.

“In the coming period, we want to work even harder within the Island Council for this project. We hope for unanimous support for this within the Island Council. Having your own development bank is important for entrepreneurs and for achieving economic growth, attracting more investment and preserving jobs,” the UPB says in a recent statement.

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