UPB joins coalition: now a majority of 6 seats

After the agreement reached with the UPB and Raphaela this week, Bonaire will now be governed by a coalition holding 6 out of 9 seats in the Island Council

Kralendijk- Bonaire’s governing coalition did good business this week: the coalition picked up support from no less than 2 additional seats. Earlier this week independent council lady Jeanoushka (Nunu) Raphaela had already declared that she would officially join the coalition again, after having left the MPB-Bernabela coaltion a few months earlier.

Yesterday night the coalition of Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB), fraction Bernabela and fraction Raphaela reached an agreement with the Union Patriotico Boneriano (UPB) of James Kroon, to join the present coalition. Now that the UPB has joined, the coalition has a comfortable majority of 6 out of 9 seats in the Island Council. It is not yet know if the joining of Kroon will have any impact on the constellation of the Executive Council formed by Nina den Heyer, Joselito Statia and Rolanda Helburg-Makaai.

In a way this is really a coalition of MPB and UPB: both Bernabela and Raphaela had defected from the UPB over frustration how the coalition of the UPB with Partido Democratico Bonariano (PDB), the so called “water melon coaltion” was functioning.

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