UPB Starts search for new party leader

The party says to be very grateful towards Silberie for the work done by her as interim party leader. Photo: UPB

KRALENDIJK – The Union Patriotiko Boneriano (UPB), currently represented by three seats in the island council, is embarking on the search for a new party leader.

The party announced this in a statement on Monday evening. The need for a new leader arose because the party’s interim leader, Maritsa Silberie, has been appointed Head of Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Although the UPB expresses pride in Silberie’s appointment and wishes her every success in her new role, the party also deems it necessary to search for a new party leader.

The party particularly acknowledges the work that Silberie has done for the party in recent times.

During the search, former deputy and former party leader Kroon will act as the temporary spokesperson for the green party.


The UPB emphasizes that it is a party guided by principles, development, and placing the individual at the center. “Based on this vision, we will be searching for our new party leader in the coming months,” according to the press release.

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