Upgrades at Bonaire Airport: Larger baggage carousel and expanded arrival hall

KRALENDIJK – This week marks the beginning of renovations at Bonaire’s airport, which include the installation of a new baggage carousel. Over the coming three to four weeks, incoming passengers should note that there won’t be a baggage carousel available. Furthermore, efforts to expand the arrival hall are also set to kick off.

The new baggage carousel will be larger than the current one, making it easier for travelers to collect their luggage from the carousel. Baggage handlers will also be able to place more luggage on the carousel at the same time. This is expected to improve the flow of the baggage reclaim process.

During the removal of the old carousel and the installation of the new one, there will be no baggage carousel available for arriving passengers for about three to four weeks. The reclaim process will be carried out manually while the baggage carousel is out of service. A large part of the arrival hall will also be cordoned off due to the construction work. A temporary arrival hall will be set up at the front of the airport.

The arrival hall will be expanded in two stages. Initially, the hall will be enlarged on the side of the exit, creating more waiting space for passengers. Later, the arrival hall will be further expanded.

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