Upgrading taking place at  Fort Bay Harbor Saba

Work should be completed in May of this year. Photo: Public Entity Saba. 

THE BOTTOM- Works are currently taking place to upgrade the Capt. Leo Chance Pier and the roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) pier of the Fort Bay Harbor. 

The works to upgrade the piers at Fort Bay Harbor started in January this year and should be completed in May. The works are part of the larger harbor project that includes the construction of a new harbor at Black Rocks. Once the new harbor is completed, the current Fort Bay Harbor will become the main cargo port.

Local contractor Work Monster has started with the process to remove and replace the most upper layer of concrete of the Capt. Leo Chance Pier. The deck of the pier is damaged in several areas due to the intensive usage and the wear and tear over the years and the concrete top layer needs to be replaced. Also, new quay profiles, bollards and cleats will be installed. 

RORO pier

Another part of the upgrading project is the renovation of the roro pier. Over time, a gap has formed between the sea bed and the Ro-Ro pier. The space underneath the Ro-Ro will be filled with boulders and underwater concrete. The damaged edge of the Ro-Ro pier will be repaired as well.

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