US Flights to Bonaire may Soon be Halted

Flights from Delta and Sunwaying to/from Atlanta and Toronto respectively will still executed according to schedule. Photo: ABC Online media.

Kralendijk- Passengers from flights out of the United States, Canada, Colombia and the Dominican Republic may soon not be allowed into Bonaire due to the prevented measures taken against the spread of the COVID-19 ‘Corona Virus’.

This could be understood from a press conference held this evening by local Government. Island Governor Edison Rijna stressed that a decision about flights from abroad is not the authority of the local government, but should rather be taken by the Kingdom Government in The Hague.

A request to deny passengers entrance into Bonaire, when coming out of the the 4 mentioned countries, was however already submitted and a decision is expected momentarily.

Flights out of Europe

Passengers out of Europe are already denied entry into Bonaire since Saturday. In first instance the idea was for residents to be allowed to fly home; however, it was now decided that residents cannot return from Europe. KLM and Tui will still continue to do execute flights to repatriate passengers, but they are not allowed bring in any passengers whatsoever.

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