USIBO plans demonstration against inequality between the European and Caribbean Netherlands

KRALENDIJK- Union umbrella organization USIBO is planning a peaceful demonstration on May 5, to protest against the continuing inequality between the European part of the Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands, consisting of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

A pamphlet calling on citizens explains why a demonstration would be necessary. She points out to the USIBO that even 12 years after obtaining the new status, the Caribbean Netherlands is still lagging behind the citizens of the Netherlands in many areas.

Although USIBO also understands that economic realities can be different, the organization does not agree with what it describes as inexplicable differences. It points out, among other things, a large difference between the European AOV and the AOW on the three islands. Also when it comes to benefits, the Caribbean Netherlands lags far behind the 70% of the minimum wage that is applied in the European Netherlands.

In addition, there is still no general unemployment benefit on the islands and the Cabinet in The Hague refuses to set a social minimum based on principles comparable to those used in the Netherlands.

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