Vakantiebeurs attendance paying off for St. Esutatius

The Statia Vacation Booth at the Vakantiebeurs. Photo: St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation

ORANJESTAD- Attending the Vakantiebeurs 2023 in the Netherlands in January is proving a success for the St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation.

Sharmin Turner represented Statia at the event. She showcased the island, enthusiastically sharing its details with everyone who visited the booth. Her business card was heavily distributed. On it was a QR code sending persons to Statia tourism’s website, so they can learn more about the island and hopefully consider it as a future travel destination. Now, mere weeks after the event’s conclusion, a couple who visited the booth has arrived at the island, eager to begin their Statia vacation. Following Ms. Turner’s successful promotion of the island at the Vakantiebeurs, the couple promptly made travel arrangements and, upon arrival, headed to the Statia Tourism office to visit her. They are ready for their island adventure and Ms. Turner is immensely pleased.

The couple has expressed pleasure about their experience so far and are thoroughly enjoying their stay. They intend to explore the Quill and other parts of the island, as advertised at the Vakantiebeurs, and Turner has arranged a car rental for them to aid in their travels. They also plan to meet with her once more before departing for home.

Turner acknowledged the importance of events like Vakantiebeurs for the tourism industry:

Increase in visitors

“Attending the vacation fair is always a great experience. We meet many people from different cultures and can share our beautiful island with them. I feel honored to represent and promote Statia at these events – 2023 was my 4th attendance at Vakantiebeurs. As awareness of Statia grows, we will see an increase in visitors, and I am proud to be able to contribute to this growth.”

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