Van Huffelen: ‘Complete package must ensure less poverty and better facilities for Caribbean Netherlands’

State Secretary Van Huffelen together with Aimed Ayubi and Norwin Willen. Photo: Live99FM.

KRALENDIJK – According to the State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Affairs (BZK), a lot of work still needs to be done when it comes to combating poverty, but also to eliminating the differences in the level of facilities between the European and Caribbean parts of the Netherlands. The Netherlands.

That is what Van Huffelen said on Monday afternoon during an extensive conversation with radio personalities Norwin (Nòchi) Willen and Aimed Ayubi.

“You receive criticism, both here and in the Netherlands, on the point of combating poverty. For example, it is pointed out that enough reports have already been drawn up. Why another report?” Willem wanted to know.

According to Van Huffelen, more research is really necessary, because, according to her, certain information is still missing. Incidentally, Van Huffelen also pointed to the fact that it was not only the Central Government responsible for the solution of the poverty problem.

“We cannot do this alone. For example, we need the Public Entity, but also the employers. If benefits go up, but working people continue to earn the same, we will of course not make much progress,” said the State Secretary.

Van Huffelen also indicated that it is not about a lack of awareness. “Let me be very clear about this. It is clear to me, but also to many colleagues in the Netherlands, that we really have to get to work, because many people cannot make ends meet here. And we don’t like that.”


Van Huffelen, in response to a question about the perceived lack of equivalence between the various parts of the Kingdom. Van Huffelen started her answer by stating that inhabitants in all parts of the Kingdom are per definition equal. “But the facilities are not”, said Van Huffelen. “That is true not when it comes to income, but also, for example, when it comes to sustainable energy, road and housing construction.”

According to Van Huffelen, it is clear that work will have to be done to eliminate the backlogs that, have arisen over the years.

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