Van Huffelen shows active side during visit to Saba

Van Huffelen put on her flat shoes and gave Granger some competition on the treadmill. Photo: F3 Fun Free Fitness Center.

THE BOTTOM- State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen during her visit to the Caribbean side of the Kingdom scored quite some points for her elegance and colorful outfits. Every day the State Secretary could be seen in dressed in what some describe as ‘haute couture’.

However, the State Secetary also turned out to be an active person. During her visit to the Plenchi di Trabou in Bonaire, she received a reusable water bottle. “Oh I love this”, said van Huffelen who confided that she loves to go for long rides on her bike and would definitely take the ‘Bonairean water bottle along.


In Saba however, Van Huffelen actually got out of her high heels to get on the treadmill with F3 Gym Owners James Granger and showed she was quite able to keep up with Granger, an avid runner, for a good bit.

All in all, Van Huffelen has shown a completely different style than former State Secretary Raymond Knops. While Knops believed in various ‘flash visits’ to the islands, Van Huffelen over the past two weeks has really taken her time to get to know the islands better.

She has also shown more empathy to the problems many islanders are being confronted with, when it comes to poverty, but also when it comes to high food prices or expensive airline tickets.

Although it is early to see the results of a potentially different approach, Van Huffelen seems to have started off on the right foot, during her visit to the six islands.

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