Van Huffelen Signs New Administrative Agreement with Bonaire

State Secretary Van Huffelen and Governor Oleana shake hands after signing the agreement, while Deputies Abraham and Den Heyer look on.

THE HAGUE/KRALENDIJK – On Tuesday, the Executive Council of Bonaire signed the administrative agreement Bonaire 2024-2027 with State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen.

The agreement forms the basis for a long-term cooperation between Bonaire and the Dutch government, with an emphasis on controlled growth and sustainable development. It focuses on three key pillars: a just society, integral sustainable development, and strong governance with participative democracy.

Under the program ‘Working on Prosperity and Welfare,’ the aim is to achieve greater financial security for the residents of Bonaire. This includes sufficient and predictable income, affordable housing, and reduced financial worries. Additionally, investments are made in youth development to ensure that young people can develop optimally.

With the island’s ‘child package,’ young people, regardless of their family or financial circumstances, can participate in sports, arts, and cultural activities. Furthermore, opportunities for an income-dependent child scheme for the Caribbean Netherlands are being explored.


To promote Papiamentu, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) is making a one-time allocation of €1 million. This amount will be used for the implementation of the Papiamentu Administrative Agreement and the promotion and protection of the language through the language institute Akademia Papiamentu. Additionally, efforts are being made to improve public transportation, infrastructure, permits, and enforcement.

According to Van Huffelen, the administrative agreement is an important step towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Bonaire.

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