Van Putten and PLP Faction Support Visit Makana Ferry

Councilman Van Putten, with fraction assistant Vaughn Sams, Captain Connor and the staff of the Makana at the City Pier. Photo: PLP

ORANJESTAD- Island council member Clyde I van Putten on Sunday, together with PLP faction assistant Vaughn Sams, paid a visit to the Makana Ferry, upon invitation of Captain Connor.

Van Putten and Sams got an extensive tour given by Connor and the Makana crew. “I must say I was very impressed with the vessel, and the hospitality of the crew”, according to the councilman. Van Putten added he however laminated the fact that there remain so many unanswered questions as to the reasons why the service could not commence on November 1st, as was initially planned.

Van Putten in the meantime requested a meeting of the Island Council, to discuss the latest developments surrounding the ferry service. “I do hope that the government will provide clarity and truthfulness, and that the service will commence no later than December 1st 2021”.


Van Putten is of the opinion that the ferry service will be yet another vehicle for the people of St. Eustatius to travel among the neighboring islands. “Hopefully this will also provide economic stimulus to the island”, said Van Putten.

Van Putten said at the end of the visit he wished captain Conner and his crew the very best with this new venture.

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