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Van Putten (PLP) Critical About Timing of Irrigation Project

A view of the work taking place. Photo: Government of Statia.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Island Council member for the PLP Clyde van Putten said on Monday that he welcomed the move by Government to place running water to the various farms in the Zeelandia area.

Van Putten however also noted that this was long overdue taking into the consideration the PLP/Merkman led administration had approved and fully funded this project in 2017. Van Putten mentioned that the project entailed the cleaning and fixing of the two wells in Zeelandia, after which two pumps would have been installed to push the water from the wells to the reservoirs which were constructed as part of the project.

The project also included the instillation of the pipes to the various farms which would help to facilitates the running of the water from the reservoirs to the farms. The PLP/Merkman led government also approved at the time moneys which would have assisted farmers with the purchasing of fencing and stock of feeds for their animals. All of this was part of our effort as government to address the roaming animal problems on the island.

“While I am happy to see this project  finally realized, I can not help but pointing out the insurbornation and blatant lack of respect on the part of the director of ENI Mr. Anthony Reid who is chiefly responsible for the long delay in realizing this project”, said van Putten.

Made in Statia

Van Putten also points out that major investments that were made towards the Made in Statia project. “The idea was to grow what you eat and eat what you grow, which is much healthier for our residents. This project in the end also has some major setbacks due to the lack of co-operation on the part of the director of ENI and the Dutch appointed Executive Council who failed to assist with much needed water and other financial support”, according to the Councilman.

Van Putten is also raising concerns with some of the conditions being put forward by the department in return for farmers to be able to access the running water.

Van Putten notes that there are many other projects which were approved by his government but due to the lack of cooperation on the part of directors/ civil servants many of these were not realized when we were in control of the government. “I feel vindicated that many of our projects are be being realized at this time”, said Van Putten in closing.

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