Van Putten: “Singled out by Customs”

Van Putten is unhappy with the negative/slanted publicity and irresponsible expressions in the local press. Photo: PLP

Oranjestad- Progressive Labor Party (PLP) leader Clyde van Putten is unhappy with what he refers to as ‘irresponsible statements’ by local press about a recent incident at the FDR airport in St. Eustatius.

In a letter to the Editor of The Daily Herald, Van Putten writes: “I have taken note of the newspaper article in the edition of The Daily Herald of June 8th, 2019, and would like to respond to the information in said release”.

According to Van Putten, upon his arrival at the Airport on St. Eustatius on June 5th, 2019, he was unjustifiably singled out by a customs officer, while all of the other 30-plus passengers from two flights arriving at the time, were allowed to pass unquestioned.

“The customs officer in question approached me in an unnecessarily provocative and unprofessional manner. When I attempted to explain myself to her, she rudely displayed power of authority by physically accosting me with no regard for me as a person”, according to the letter by Van Putten.

Van Putten also said that upon the intervention of the police, he was asked to go to the police station for questioning regarding the incident. According to the politician he complied with the request and was released afterwards.

According to Van Putten, what irks him most is that it was suggested in the article that, during the incident, he was in possession of a weapon. “At no time was I in possession of any weapon, nor did I use any weapon as was suggested in the newspaper article. I have retained legal counsel to take the appropriate action on my behalf”.

Van Putten in conversation with the BES-Reporter said that he feels that the commotion caused by some, is more politically motivated than anything else. “Now that they haven’t found any wrongdoing on my side after the illegal takeover of our island government by the Dutch Government, they are trying to damage my image in other ways”, according to Van Putten.

The PLP party leader also said he was convinced that these efforts to depict him in a negative way would ‘in no way’ succeed.

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