Van Putten: STUCO Supervisory Board fails to address Elephant in the room

Van Putten has been quite vocal on the issues at GEBE, which he deems as a lack of Corporate Governance

ORANJESTAD- In a press release issued on Tuesday, May 17th 2022, Island Councilman Clyde van Putten, refuted allegations by stucco in their press release dated may 6th which suggests an island council member in a public sitting of the central committee on April 21st, attempted to insinuate disrespect and defame the management and by extension the supervisory board of STUCO. 

Van Putten said that the sole purpose of the meeting was to seek clarification on several pertinent concerns within the company and its operations. He further stated that the blatant refusal and disrespect on the path of management and supervisory board, to not honor an invitation by the highest elected body who directly represents the people was a mis opportunity to clear the air on matters of concerns from the community. 

“While the press release from stucco did not identify which council member, it is crystal clear to everyone that the article was referring to my person. Unlike the unfounded accusations on the path of STUCO management and supervisory board, the various members during the meeting sought clarity on the outrageous electricity and water prices, the disaffection amongst employees of the company and many more” say Van Putten


Van Putten also states that the Press Release ultimately failed to address the ‘elephant in the room’ which is the misuse and abuse of company property. “Instead of addressing this, the company elected to defame and attack a council member for carrying out his constitutional right and mandate to the people of Sint Eustatius. It must be noted that stucco is owned 100% by the government and people of Sint. Eustatius. Hence, the citizens of Sint. Eustatius must always know what is taking place in the company”, van Putten explains in his press release

“I am calling on the Management and Supervisory Board, to explain to the public if there are structured meetings between the management, supervisory board, and staff, to address the many concerns and dissatisfaction amongst the employees”, said van Putten

Regarding the misuse and abuse of the director’s vehicle by his domestic partner and her alleged signing of gasoline vouchers Van Putten said he was now calling on the Supervisory Board to come clean with the public and give a clear account on this matter which is of great concern to the community. 


“The director is on record stating that in his contract provisions are made for his domestic partner to exploit these types of privileges.” The councilman concluded by saying that while there might be many in the community who hypocritically view this infraction as a non-issue, he considered this as a serious violation of the public company who is already saddled with high electricity and water bills monthly.

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