Van Putten: ‘When you expect nothing, you won’t be disappointed’

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- While council member Clyde van Putten is not happy with the lack of progress made in the return of democratic institutions on the island, he says he cannot share the sense of disappointment expressed by the other Island Council members.

Van Putten made his comments during the press conference organized last week by the Island Council and where various Island Council members expressed their disappointment with the lack of progress in the discussions with caretaker State Secretary Raymond Knops on the return to full democracy during his recent visit to the island.

“The attitude displayed by Mr. Knop did not surprise me. I have the impression that they are not serious about returning democracy”. Van Putten also noted that he felt there were too many ’technocrats’ involved in the process, contributing to the slow progress made.

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