Vaughn Sams represents PLP fraction at Saba Day celebration

Vaughn Sams (second from left) together with Saba’s Executive Council.

THE BOTTOM/ORANJESTAD- Fraction support Assistant of the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) Vaughn M. Sams was appointed as a representative for the PLP island council fraction to be present at the Saba Day Official Ceremony. 

The Island council members were unable to attend due to a pre scheduled arranged trip to the Netherlands for the 31st congress “Ten years after the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles” and other business.  Sams said that it was an honor to be the appointee and attend such a well put together ceremony.

He also stated how impressed he was with the warmth and friendliness of this small island community and particularly the Government of Saba. “On behalf of the Island council Members Ruben Merkman, Clyde I. van Putten, Island council woman and party Leader Rechelline Leerdam, we would like to thank you for your invitation and wish the beautiful people of Saba a happy and hearty Saba day” said Sams.


Sams also said that as usual St. Eustatius was extending an invitation with open arms to the charming people of Saba, who are welcomed to visit Statia even more frequently with the newly instated watercraft. “This will reconnect the closely knitted comradery that was disrupted many years ago due to the high airfare rates. We look forward to seeing more interisland interactions and more econmic activity between us” added Sams.

Sams said that on behalf of the PLP fraction he congratulates the people of Saba with the 46th Year Saba day under what he calls a very fitting theme “Adopting a positive mindset amidst a changing world.”

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