Venezuela receives first European cruise ship in years

The Amadea in the harbor of Isla Margarita. Photo: Diario El Universal

PORLAMAR – Venezuela on Tuesday for the first time in more than 15 years saw a call by a cruise ship from a European shipping agency. It concerns the Amadea of Phoenix Reisen, which docked at Isla Margarita with almost 500 passengers on board.

The president of the Council for Tourism Conseturismo, Leudo González, indicated that he considered the visit ‘very good news’ for the tourism sector. Gonzáles said he hoped that the Amadea’s example would soon be followed by other ships and other countries.

“We hope that everything goes well, that people leave happy, that expectations are met, so that the arrival of new ships is encouraged.”

El Guamache

The Amadea, a German ship flying the flag of the Bahamas, docked at the international port of El Guamache, which is owned by the Venezuelan state-owned company Bolipuertos. Among the passengers were tourists from Spain, Germany and France, among others.

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