Vessel runs aground on the reef at Sorobon

The Coastguard helicopter took the two occupants to safety. Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK – On Tuesday, November 14, around 11 pm, the central dispatch received a report about a vessel stranded near Sorobon. The vessel got stuck on the reef at the entrance of the water between Sorobon and Lac.

The vessel, with two men on board, was on route from Curaçao to Aves when it suddenly ran into trouble south of Bonaire.

All emergency services, including the Royal Marechaussee, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force, Customs, and the Coast Guard, responded to provide assistance and rescue. Given the sea conditions and the lack of other ways to reach the vessel, the Coast Guard decided to deploy the Coast Guard helicopter.


As the vessel began to take on water and the helicopter had not yet arrived, personnel from the Royal Marechaussee, Coast Guard, and Customs decided to walk through the shallow water but could not reach the 2 individuals. The helicopter and crew assisted the men, allowing them to be safely transported to the beach at Sorobon.

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