Vessel With Illegal Conch Intercepted

The illegally caught Conch was encountered during an inspection of the intercepted vessel. Photo: Coastguard.

Kralendijk- Late last week, the Rescue and Coordination Center (RCC) detected a suspicious vessel south of Bonaire.

The Coast Guard Team, Police and the Royal Netherlands Military Police were directed by the RCC to the location of the vessel.

When checking the boat, three men with illegally caught King Conch meat were encountered.

The vessel was taken by the authorities to the pier in Kralendijk for further inspection. The 3 occupants have been arrested and the captain has received a citation because his documents were not in order.

The conch has been confiscated. Illegal harvesting of the protected King Conch meat remains a big problem in the waters around Bonaire and especially in the Lac Bay area.

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