Vets on Bonaire help flamingo with broken leg

An improvised oxygen mask assured the continued breathing of the flamingo during the operation. Photos: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- Normally the vets of Flamingo Island Veterinary Center mainly see dogs and cats, but they are not afraid of more exotic operations.

That became clear this week when Jochem Lastendrager and Mirte Kruijt came to the aid of a flamingo that was suffering from a broken leg. The flamingo was anesthetized, with the head placed in a plastic lemonade bottle as a makeshift oxygen mask. The pink patient was also covered with aluminum foil to keep it at the right temperature.

When the bones have grown back together, the flamingo will be able to walk normally again. According to the vets, the procedure was different from their normal routines, but not one to shy away from. “There are simply many types of animals on the island, and they also need to be helped if necessary,” said the veterinarians of the clinic that now really deserves the name ‘Flamingo’ in the name.

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