Vidanova Pension Fund Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Vidanova 50 jaar

Vidanova not only celebrated their 50th anniversary but also introduced a new service: Vidanova Life. Photo Harald Linkels

By Harald Linkels

Willemstad- Pension Fund Vidanova today celebrated their 50th anniversary with a reception at the World Trade Center. The pension fund has been able to grow considerably in the past 50 years, both in terms of the managed capital and in the amount of people affiliated to the fund.

Supervisory Board director Anthony Haile shortly reviewed the past 50 years of history of the Pension Fund. After already being re-branded in the nineties to Stichting Pensioenfonds Utiliteitsbedrijven (SPU), the fund was later re-branded again to Vidanova. A considerable expansion of the services of Vidanova came in the year 2016 when SFT Bank was taken over and re-branded Vidanova Bank.

CEO Charlene Albeto also spoke about present-day developments at the pension fund. According to Alberto, Vidanova has the ambition to be a one-stop financial services organization. Alberto also introduced yet another services to the organization in the form of Vidanova Life, which will concentrate on Life Insurances, but also focuses on helping individuals to save up some extra for their future pension.

Alberto promised that after the celebration today, the fund would start with an active campaign to make the market aware of the new Vidanova Life services. Alberto also emphasized that everybody was welcome at Vidanova Life, and not only those already affiliated to the fund through their employer.

Pension Fund Vidanova carries out pension arrangements for employees on all 5 islands of the former Netherlands Antilles. The fund is supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS).

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