Viola van Zanten Complex Statia now fully occupied

Tenant H. Arnaud receiving the keys from Elizabeth Jones of Social Domain. Photo: Government of St. Eustatius

ORANJESTAD- The Viola van Zanten Complex on St. Eustatius is fully occupied, now that the last tenant of the existing complex, has received the key to his new house.

Tenant H. Arnaud signed the contract for his new house back in December 2021, but will only now occupy his new dwellings.

Phase 2

In the meantime, eight new units are being constructed. According to Government Commissioner Alida Francis, the new units are expected to be delivered in August of this year.

On St. Eustatius there is need for much more affordable and/or social housing units. According to the Commissioner, the new housing units are intended to raise the living standards on the island.

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