Visitor Entry Tax online payment webpage is live

KRALENDIJK- Visitors to Bonaire may now pay the Visitor Entry Tax online prior to their trip. The Tourism Corporation Bonaire website has been expanded to include an Entry Tax page. This page is now active for online payments and also offers additional information about the Visitor Entry Tax.

Prior to their trip all visitors to Bonaire are requested to register via this website and pay the Visitor Entry Tax. Once they have registered and paid, visitors will receive a personal QR code by email and this code will be checked on arrival.

It is possible for travelers who have not paid online prior to their trip, to make the payment upon arrival on Bonaire. 


At the outset, online payment in advance will only be possible using a credit card. The options will soon be expanded with PayPal and iDeal.

Upon arrival on Bonaire it is possible to pay with various cards such as Maestro, Visa and MasterCard.

The Visitor Entry Tax cannot be paid with cash.

Bonaire residents with a sedula do not need to register in advance, but can enter Bonaire simply by showing their sedula. There is no requirement to make a payment or have a QR code.

If you would like more information about who is required to pay the Visitor Entry Tax or if you need other information, please refer to or email

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