VMBO organizes Year-end Show at Scholengemeenschap Bonaire

VMBO director Francis Pieter is proud of what his students achieves, also with their work for the less fortunate. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Wednesday, December 20, the VMBO organized a year-end show at school. The SGB school hall was filled with young people participating in the event.

The message that VMBO wanted to convey is that Christmas is not about gifts and Christmas trees but about love for each other and unity. Among others, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were present, and the majorette corps also put on a show.


Francis Pieter is pleased with the course of the show. “I am satisfied and applaud the VMBO youth. We paid attention to those in need and put together various packages so that they too can have a joyful Christmas with special food and drinks for these days. Now it is time for a relaxing holiday so that we can continue with renewed energy in 2024. The end of the school year 2024 is a success for all of us.”

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