Volunteers have cleaned up Bonaire’s east coast

Many volunteers have helped in past days to clean up oil and tar from the east coast. Photo: Stinapa

Kralendijk- On Saturday, June 3 2017, over 150 volunteers have participated in the beach clean-up to remove the up oil residue which washed up on the east coast. At a number of places near Washington Slagbaai National Park, Lagun, Washikemba, Sorobon, Willemstoren and Markultura, the oil and oil residue was collected as much as possible and where possible scraped off the rocks.

Stinapa says that, fortunately, no new oil has washed ashore the past few days. It was however observed that there is still oil washing ashore at Lagun, oil that is already present in the bay and washes ashore with the seaweed.

Oil residues has been found in the mangroves as well, but, according to Stinapa, not that much. As it seems now, the ecologically most valuable areas of the island are little or not affected. These areas will of course be monitored and samples are taken from washed up oil.

Due to the organized clean-ups that began on Saturday May 27th, it can be said that the sandy areas are clean. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove all oil residue from the rocks and stones.
Relatively few dead birds washed up so far. Eight brown boobies and red-footed boobies covered with oil were found and taken care of.

The Government of Bonaire and Stinapa say they are thankful for the help and involvement of many volunteers, organizations and companies to remove the oil residues over the past week. Abroad from volunteers from the broad public, the Stinapa Junior Rangers, Selibon, Dutch army, fire department, police, ministry of I&M, Bonaire FoodGroup, vdTweel, Warehouse, Kooyman, Elly Albers (bird care), Rentofun, Budget Car Rental and Bonaire Hydrotest and Maintenance have all provided important assistance to the cleanup efforts.

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