Volunteers from the Echo Foundation count fewer lora’s this year

Lora's at Echo | Foto Rudolf Wout

KRALENDIJK – On Saturday, July 29, the Echo Foundation conducted the annual Lora count to map the minimum population of the parrot species on the island. A total of 498 Lora’s were counted at nineteen roosting sites. 49 volunteers participated in the count.

The roosts of the Lora’s are primarily located in and around Rincon and in Washington Slagbaai National Park. Lora’s were also counted in other places on the island at known resting places.

This year, there was a decrease in the number of Lora’s compared to previous years. The cause of this is that two important resting places in the Washington Slagbaai National Park could not be visited. The result of the count always provides an estimate of the minimum number of Lora’s on the island.

During the count, the volunteers witnessed the Lora’s waking up. This is accompanied by much noise and chatter. The Lora’s then take flight from their sleeping places to search for food.

For those interested in this unique experience: the Echo Foundation invites you to help with the next Lora count on Saturday, January 27, 2024.

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