Warehouse Bonaire works on a new entrance

The new lobby entrance will be quite spacious. Illustration: Warehouse Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Customers visiting Warehouse Bonaire will have noticed in recent weeks that the supermarket is back in construction, relatively shortly after an expansion which significantly increased the retail area.

According to the supermarket, this time it concerns the construction of a new entrance, which is described as a ‘lobby entrance’. “The new entrance is designed to provide customers with a better shopping experience, with a contemporary and inviting design.

However, the retailer also promises that, despite the new look, they will continue to pay attention to prices. We understand the value our customers place on affordability and quality, and we want to assure them that this remains unchanged.

Solar panels

Incidentally, the new entrance is not the only innovation at one of the largest supermarkets on the island. A huge solar energy facility is being built on the roof, which means that the supermarket will obtain an important part of its energy supply from solar energy. 

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