Waste Collection for households Bonaire slightly more expensive from January 1st

KRALENDIJK – The waste collection service provided by Selibon will see a small increase in cost for private households. In a publication on their Facebook page, the waste processor announces that starting from January 1, 2024, an additional 30 cents per month will be charged for the collection of garbage from private households. This brings the rate to $14.80 per month.

The first 240-liter container (Kliko) remains free for households, but as of January 1, a fee of $12.95 (excluding ABB) per additional container must be paid. The emptying of the first container remains included in the basic rate. However, for each subsequent container at households, an additional amount of $9.25 (excluding ABB) per week will be charged.

The collection of garbage at businesses will cost $12.70 per month starting from January 1st.

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