Water Bottling Plant and Water Pipe Extension for Saba

The water bottling plant will be constructed on the storage building of Saba Electric Company at Crispeen. Photo: Government of Saba

The Bottom, Saba -Commissioner Bruce Zagers last week met with Vitens-Evides International (VEI) representative Fred Elgers in the Netherlands to discuss the remaining part of the so called ‘water project’: extending the water pipe from Windwardside to the church at Hell’s Gate.

Commissioner Zagers explained that this concerned the last part of the larger project to install water pipes on Saba, as well as the additional work that needs to be done to have the water pipe from The Bottom to Windwardside fully operational.

A technical engineer of VEI, a Dutch firm that supports local water companies throughout the world to improve their operations, will be on Saba at the end of January 2019 to prepare these last parts of the larger water project.

Water bottling plant

The Commissioner also explained that the excavation has started at the Crispeen area for the construction of the water bottling plant. The plant, where 5 and 3 gallon recyclable, environmentally friendly drinking water bottles will be filled, should be ready in the second quarter of 2019.

The prefab building from the US will be constructed on the existing storage building of the Saba Electric Company (SEC). The building will be constructed in Saba’s traditional manner, meaning a red roof, white walls and green windows. Having the water bottling plant at a central location on the island helps to minimize the transportation cost.

The bottling plant, once operational, will cut the cost of bottled drinking water by about 50 per cent since the large 3 and 5 gallon bottles are cheaper than the smaller water bottles that are currently being sold on the island. Using the larger bottles, which will be recycled, also means having to process less plastic at the landfill. The bottling plant is designed to produce high quality drinking water that complies with the standards in the BES Electricity and Drinking Water Act.

Zagers announced that a survey in the community will be held shortly so people can indicate what kind of dispensers they want in using the large drinking water bottles. Also, a contest will be held to elect a name and logo for the new water bottling plant and product.

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