WEB Bonaire celebrates 60 years of service to community Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB), the island’s utility provider for water, electricity, and sewage treatment, proudly celebrates its 60th anniversary this month. 

Established six decades ago in Hato, WEB has been at the forefront of delivering essential services to the Bonaire community. To commemorate this milestone, WEB is organizing a series of festive events highlighting different aspects of the company and its vision for the future. 

The celebrations include honoring the past with a special evening dedicated to reflection and recognition, celebrating the present with a family day for WEB employees, and looking ahead with the Collaborative Utility Conference Bonaire on 28 and 29 November. 

As WEB marks its 60th year, the company says to remain committed to sustainable growth and innovation, exemplifying resilience, adaptability, and dedication to the community. The anniversary day on 27 November invites both employees and customers to join the festivities during office hours. 


“From the establishment on November 27, 1963, WEB continues to be the cornerstone of Bonaire’s utilities, providing water production and distribution, electricity distribution, and sewage treatment with a focus on sustainability and innovation, ensuring the highest quality of service for the island’s residents and businesses with a team of 160 employees”, according to a press statement by WEB N.V. 

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