WEB Bonaire disconnects neighbourhoods to prevent more serious outages 

KRALENDIJK- The Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB) stated on Monday that they had to take preventive measures to prevent a larger power outage.

Due to the extremely hot weather, the demand for electricity became so high that the energy company had to disconnect certain neighbourhoods from the power grid to avoid a potential larger or more severe power outage.

The interruption occurred in areas such as Nieuw Amsterdam, Tanki Matrimonio, Amboina, Lagun, and a part of the Mexico district.

Although it has become less common in recent years, the  so called ‘rolling bakcouts’ where different parts of the island are temporarily left without power, is not uncommon during times when the demand for electricity exceeds the supply.

Emergency measure

While WEB did communicate about the emergency measure, the Company has not yet announced whether the same measures are expected tomorrow and which neighbourhoods may be affected by the disconnection from the power grid.

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