WEB Bonaire faces challenges due to hot weather and warns for risk of increased consumption

KRALENDIJK – According to WEB N.V., the extreme temperatures currently experienced on the island are leading to high demand for both water and electricity. This presents operational challenges for the utility company.

WEB has stated that batteries and parts of the wind production capacity are currently offline as they work towards increasing production capacity. “The power outages on Monday, June 5 were necessary due to this situation, but the circumstances were worsened by separate disruptions in the Lagun service area and surrounding areas,” said the spokesperson for the energy company.

WEB anticipates that high temperatures will persist. Therefore, the energy company provides tips to help consumers keep their energy consumption in check. They recommend limiting the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments to a maximum of 10 degrees when using an air conditioner, which prevents the device’s compressor from overworking.


Watering plants in the evening is also recommended by WEB to help plants retain moisture and reduce evaporation. The utility company states that these measures also help avoid unpleasant surprises when consumers receive their monthly bills.

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