WEB Extends Current Electricity Fees Another Month

The current usage fees will also apply for the month of May 2018.
WEB tariff Electricity May 2018

The current usage fees will also apply for the month of May 2018.

Kralendijk- WEB N.V. says that in consultation with the Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), they have decided to extend the previously published electricity fees for one more month month.

This means that the fee structure for electricity are valide from 1st April up till 31st May 2018.

WEB also states that, as soon as a final decision is taken about the applicable tariffs, all stakeholders, customers and other interested parties will immediately be informed.

So far no real solution has been found for the problems with the design of a new fee structure which, without additional measures, will lead to much higher bills especially for the less affluent part of the community. The change in fees has been brought about by the new Water- and Electricity Act BES, which according to some, is flawed.

The Dutch Kabinet has decided to provide subsidy to lower the applicable tariffs, but the subsidy will not be enough to neutralize the negative effect and/or the higher bills.

Discussions between the stakeholders is still ungoing.

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