WEB started with asset inventory project

Photo WEB Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Digital asset inventory is instrumental for WEB’s grid modernization plans. In the first week of July until the end of October 2023, Water – en Energiebedrijf Bonaire (WEB) together with team members of VERICO / eSmart Systems will be taking the inventory of all WEB’s infrastructure on the island of Bonaire.

The project will be launched on July 12th in Belnem once the asset inventory is completed in Belnem the project team will continue into other areas on the island.

The project will consist of taking high resolution photographs of all infrastructure, including masts, transformer units, high voltage cable both on private and public areas, water and electricity meters and sewerage systems.   All photographs will be analyzed through a system, that uses a combination of language and visual processing to automatically understand images and generate text descriptions. Subsequently, all photographs and data will be transferred into a Geographic Information System (GIS). This will be instrumental in optimizing WEB’s infrastructure and to successfully adapt to future growth, emerging energy trends and sustainable water management.

In the future, WEB will be able to provide customers and contractors with more accurate information for construction plans, proactively perform maintenance work and maximizes capital investments towards safety, reliability, and affordability for customers on the island.

WEB will announce in which neighborhood the team will be active and periodically keep residents informed of the developments of the project through the official communication channels.

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