WEB still investigating exact cause of island wide blackout

WEB says they exact cause of Thursday’s blackout is still unknown. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- WEB is still investigating the exact causes of the island wide blackout which hit Bonaire on Thursday afternoon and -evening. 

In order to investigate this incident, a technical team has been engaged in order to conduct a thorough investigation of the root cause. The team consists of top management from Water -en Energie Bedrijf Bonaire (WEB), Contour Global Bonaire (CGB), their technical staffs, along with local and international partners.

WEB promises to share the results of the investigation, once this has been concluded. 


WEB also says they are aware of the discomfort the blackout caused, for which they apologize. “We are aware that next to the general discomfort, this situation has caused people to be disappointed because of the inability to enjoy their soccer games as well as planned festivities. WEB and CGB apologizes for the inconvenience to the community”, according to a press statement on Friday afternoon. 

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