WeConnect foundation wants to bring Caribbean students and employers together

The WeConnect foundation, managed by Tanja Fraai, wants to achieve a better balance between needs of Caribbean students on the one hand and employers searching for new talent on the other hand.

Kralendijk- How can ambitions of Caribbean students and young professionals come together with the needs of the labor market on the islands? This question has on many peoples’ minds for the longest while.

“There are so many talented students who want to work for the local labor market” says Tanja Fraai, Managing Director of the WeConnect Foundation. “Unfortunately, they have insufficient insight into the possibilities which exist within organizations in Aruba, Curacao or one of the other islands”, according to Fraai.

The WeConnect Foundation organizes numerous activities for Caribbean students in the Netherlands, always from an educational perspective. The Foundation on February 4, 2017 will organize a meet-up at Dutch Institute for Public Administration (PBLQ) in The Hague with the aim of getting to a more balanced situation of ‘supply and demand’ in the labor market for Caribbean students.

During the meeting employers present themselves to students and young professionals with job opportunities and internships.

The Ministry of the Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OSC) support the meeting. BZK recently introduced its Talent Development Program on Bonaire: a program for young professionals with the further development of skills and networking are central. The Ministry of Education Education Executive Agency (DUO) will also be present to inform students about opportunities in repaying their student loans when returning to Caribbean.

More information about the Foundation can be found online at

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