Welding Training completed on St. Eustatius

Welding Training completed on St. Eustatius

ORANJESTAD- The Welding Training Job Program has come to an end. Last week, on March 16th, 2022 an official certification ceremony took place at the library. In total seven (7) candidates completed their welding certification with two (2) candidates receiving the G6 level. 

The Program was launched on Monday, August 30th, 2021 and financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The Labor Office, the Social Domain Unit and the ‘Can Can Services & Advies Bureau’ were leading the program. One of the objectives was to train locals in the welding sector, in order to reduce the number of working permits for foreign welders. “ The program was also designed for youngsters who are struggling to find employment on their own. The program gave them the opportunity to learn new skills and to show their ability to be a great employee or employer,” said Deputy Government Commissioner Claudia Toet during the certification ceremony.


The program took six months to complete. The candidates were trained at the welding levels 1G and 2G and once successfully completed, they are qualified to start with the advance welding level (6G), which is the highest level.

Deputy Government Commissioner, Claudia Toet, said to be proud of the candidates.  Welding is one of the most important sectors on Statia and abroad. It is a real profession, it comes down to accuracy. The precise setting of a weld requires control, insight into the work and knowledge of the materials that are used. A lot of practical but also theoretical training is needed. And that is what happened in this program. Theory and practice came together. The ending of this program shows that welding is not for everyone”, said Toet. 

The acting commissioner also noted that perseverance was important and that the candidates have shown exactly that. On behalf of Statia Government, Toet congratulated the graduates.   

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