Wild-west style car chase Bonaire ends with warning shots and detention

KRALEDNIJK- On Saturday, March 2, in the evening hours, a wild chase took place on Bonaire, ending in a collision on Kaya Korona. 

A patrol from the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) pursued three vehicles driving at high speed and exhibiting reckless behaviour, such as passing the median and disregarding police instructions. 

Despite attempts to stop one of the cars involved the suspects continued driving recklessly, resulting in collisions with several other vehicles on the road. 

After a collision which left the vehicle of the suspects inoperable, officers of KPCN tried to arrest the occupants who fled. Even various warning shots did not make the suspects stop. After a foot chase however, the officers managed to detain two suspects, both 19 years old. 

The suspects were arrested for various offenses, including attempted manslaughter and crimes against public authority. The other occupants were arrested for failure to produce valid identification.

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