WINAIR adopts electricity box Storyboard on Saba

The unveiling of the Airport Story box as part of the Adopt A Box Saba initiative took place last week. Photo: Michael Cleaver.

THE BOTTOM- WINAIR has recently adopted an elecricity box right in front of Breadline Plaza and not far from the Tourist Office in Windwardside. 

The idea to do ‘something’ with the often ugly electricity boxes is an initiative of former Sea Saba owner Lynn Costenaro and the Sea-and-Learn Foundation. This resulted in the Adopt A Box Saba project.

WINAIR CEO Michael Cleaver said he jumped at the opportunity ‘one time’ as soon as he heard of the idea. “This is a prime location and a great opportunity to tell something about the history of Saba. So we sponsored the Airport Storyboard, which for obvious reasons is very relvant to us as an airline”, said Cleaver.


Other boxes have, in the meantime, been adopted by both SATEL and SEC. The initiative also received support from among others the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds en Stichting Samenwerkende Fondsen. 

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