WINAIR clears Dutch government COVID loan debt 

A lineup of WINAIR planes at Princess Juliana International Airport of St. Maarten. Photo: WINAIR

PHILIPSBURG – WINAIR has announced the fulfilment of its commitment to the Dutch Government by making the final payment towards the USD 4,500,000 loan received during the challenging period of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

WINAIR say they are grateful for the support received from Dutch Government for the invaluable support provided. According to the St. Maarten based carrier, together with the SSRP received from the St. Maarten Government, this proved instrumental in sustaining our operations through the tumultuous period of the pandemic, enabling us to navigate challenges effectively. 

“We extend our deepest appreciation to the Dutch and St. Maarten Government for their unwavering support during a time of uncertainty,” stated Hans van de Velde, CEO of WINAIR. “This pivotal assistance not only assisted WINAIR in overcoming the hurdles posed by the pandemic but also enabled us to cultivate a stronger and more resilient organizational framework.”

The careful utilization of the loan facilitated not only the successful management of debt but also contributed significantly to the financial fortitude of WINAIR. The airline now stands as a testament to stability, ready for healthy growth and abundant prospects in the region’s aviation landscape.

An integral condition of the loan agreement was to maintain a minimum of two flights to Saba and Statia. WINAIR is proud to have not only met but exceeded this requirement. In the past year, we successfully operated up to four flights daily on select days of the week. Looking ahead to 2024, we have plans for sustaining four daily flights for the majority of the year, underscoring our commitment to serving these vital routes and fostering regional connectivity.


The successful repayment of the Dutch government loan underscores WINAIR’s commitment to financial responsibility and sustainability. By paying this last instalment, Winair is completely debt free, financially healthy and ready for new endeavours. It marks a turning point in our journey, positioning us for a future characterized by growth, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the communities we serve.

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