Winair finds solution for Stranded ATR flights

Philipsburg- Winair says that the Company has found a solution for the stranded ATR-flights, normally executed by partner Air Antilles.

Air Antilles, on August 27th was grounded by French Civil Aviation authorities, citing violations in normal maintenance procedures. This means that for now, all 11 planes of Air Antilles are unable to fly. While Air Antilles owner Eric Koury stated that he expected the measure to be lifted within 48 hours, Winair cancelled all ATR flights until September 7th, 2021.

Winair on Sunday afternoon however indicated that they had found an alternative for the transportation of the passengers affected by the issues at Air Antilles. “WINAIR will be able continue our services with limited changes. Our reservation department is in the process of informing affected passengers”, according to the airline.


The Company has not provided additional details. It is also unknown what the status is of the situation at Air Antilles and how soon the imperfections will have been rectified to the satisfaction of the French Authorities.

While Air Antilles yesterday published a public apology on its website, today there is not much information to be found on the Company’s website or their social media channels, for that matter.

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