Winair Leaves All Bags for Curaçao Behind

Air Antilles in Curacao 2 foto HL

Passengers arriving in Curaçao on Winair yesterday evening were dismayed to hear that all their luggage had stayed behind. Photo: Harald Linkels

Willemstad- A group of about 20 passengers, traveling on Winair’s flight 806 yesterday evening from Sint Maarten to Curaçao were quite dismayed when they were informed upon arrival that all bags for passengers with destination Curaçao had stayed behind in Sint Maarten.

Passengers were also told that their luggage would probably arrive no sooner than 24 hours later, namely on today’s flight from Sint Maarten to Curaçao. Ground staff informed the passengers that the problem was caused by issues of ‘weight and balance’.

Various of the affected passengers had connecting flights, among others to Suriname and Bonaire and questioned how they would now receive their bags.

There were also various high ranking business people on the flight, who traveled for meetings in Curaçao and reached without their business attire. “I am happy with the alternative Winair offers on this route, but if this is the way they treat passengers, I might as well continue flying Insel Air”, said one the passengers.

Staff members of Swissport, who does ground handling for Winair, collected data from the passengers in order to forward the luggage, once arriving in Curaçao.

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