Winair To Expand Flights To And Between ABC-islands

Air Antilles in Curacao 2 foto HL
Winair will incresase capacity and routes served from the ABC-islands. Photo: Harald Linkels

Willemstad- Sint Maarten based Winair is gearing up for a considerable expansion when it comes to flights to and also between the ABC islands.

Starting April 15, 2019,Winair will add more flights on the route to Bonaire, which will -from that date on- be served 5 times per week. The new flight schedule also enables passengers to book day trips between the islands.

Winair is also starting direct flights from Curaçao to Santo Domingo and to Haiti. Especially the latter seems a smart move, after Sunrise Airways said to discontinue their flights between Curaçao and Haiti’s capital Port-Au-Prince.

Sunrise Airways was an important player on the route, especially since InselAir stopped serving this route. Sunrise for some time was depending on third parties to cover this route, after the company no longer had the availability of their ‘own’ Airbus A320 aircraft they were using on the route in the past.

With their expansion of flights between the ABC-islands and to other routes, Winair is entering competition with local carriers Divi Divi Air and EZ Air.

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