Windward Island Bank’s ATM Saba Out for Five Days

According to WIB, the temporary closure is necessary for an upgrade to the automated teller machine. Foto: CBS

The Bottom, Saba -Residents of Saba and especially The Bottom will have to make do without a functioning ATM for 5 whole days.

The temporary closure of the ATM is necessary for upgrade purposes. WIB posted news about the closure on their social media and reminded the public that the online banking system would be an alternative for making payments.

Saba is the only Dutch Caribbean island without a WIB/MCB branch, after the bank group decided to close the small branch it maintained in Saba’s capital. According to a statement made by WIB, maintaining the branch open was simply not commercially viable.

The fact that WIB still offers an ATM service is mostly thanks to a subsidy by Dutch Government, which offered to pay for continuation of the service, out of fear that Saba’s residents would have little or no alternative apart to the RBC bank operating a branch and ATM in Windward side.

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